About Us

Custom Installation of:

  • Vendor Equipment Cabinets
  • Slabs, Platforms, H-frames
  • CAD-welded ground fields
  • Commercial AC power from the meter
  • Generator connections and transfer switches

This Includes:

  • Mounting of auxiliary equipment such as cable protection and UPS systems
  • Conduit between connecting equipment
  • Placement of Cross-Connects, Underground Vaults, and 1248s (BD7)

Weather is not a Problem

Snow or frost? We can handle it!

Cabinet Size is not a Problem

We can handle your largest cabinet and put it right where you want it.   Communication Site Installation (parent company Harwood Trenching LLC) began installing "Remote Telephone sites" in 1995 in Minnesota which soon lead us to many other states as well, such as Arkansas, Wisconsin, Kansas, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio and Nebraska. We pride ourselves in doing a quality site installation that will last for years whether we are installing a site that requires concrete or H-Frames. In many cases we are building "platforms" from Green treated lumber for smaller footprint cabinets which allow us to simply elevate the cabinet for ideal working height for the tech's and room to put laptop, tools etc. All Ground Fields are installed with #2 solid tinned wire, cad-welded, and Ohm's testing is performed at each site during site installation process. All Electrical connections are done by a licensed Electrician. We have manufactured remote outdoor enclosures to meet end users demand which allows for additional room in relay racks for a simplified¬†future expansion.
If you would like to discuss potential projects please give us a call or email 952-955-3939 chad@communicationsiteinstallation.com